Union Joints Easter

Here comes the end all, be all —Maple Bourbon Holiday Ham to remember! Our chefs have created not one but two scrumptious Easter Takeaway meal options for you to chose from. Whether it be for brunch, lunch OR dinner (and perhaps a post-holiday next day snack...) —-we’ve provided the options. Our crew has prepped to make this well deserved spring weekend a lovely and hassle-free celebration for you and yours!

The centerpiece in all of this action is, of course the ham. It’s maple brined for five days, rested for one day and smoked (all while being lavishly brushed with a maple bourbon glaze). An assortment of savory and sweet sides abound: roasted spring vegetables, fresh berries, scalloped potatoes, scratch-made Hawaiian rolls...the carefully crafted list goes on...

Suggestion: order quickly before they sell out!